Music is in the air/ Swingersclub No. 3

Ensemble Lemniscate | 17.01.22 - 19.01.22

Bern,Basel, Zürich -

Facilitating a dialogue of the arts

Within the field of music, the Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art supports projects that are born out of a dialogue between different artistic domains and that enrich cultural life in Switzerland through innovative ideas. Of particular interest to the Foundation is artistic work in the field of contemporary classical music and in the related exploration of links between different domains that allow new forms of artistic expression to emerge. In our evaluation of projects, we particularly look at the mediation of content within the project and the embedding of the project as a coherent part of a work process.

The Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art attaches great importance to engaging in exchange and dialogue with artists. To ensure the most satisfactory assessment of a project explained in writing, the Foundation may arrange to meet with project authors. Projects supported by the Foundation benefit from on-going support and may be the subject of a shared analysis and assessment.

Professional ensembles and groups may send applications for support to the Foundation as soon as the venue and dates of an artistic event are confirmed.

The Foundation does NOT lend support to:

  • CD recordings
  • concerts with a classical repertoire
  • concerts of popular music
  • foreign tours
  • the purchase or provision of instruments