Don Juan. Erschöpfte Männer

Julia Haenni | 12.02.20 - 22.02.20

Theater Tuchlaube, Aarau + Tournee -


Martina-Sofie Wildberger | 15.12.19 - 16.02.20

Hyperlokal, Zurich + Tournée -

Das Stück mit dem lustigen Namen

Johannes Dullin | 28.12.19 - 09.01.20

Schlachthaus Theater, Bern -

Supporting research into experimental forms of expression

Together with the visual arts and music, the performing arts, in each of their contemporary forms of expression, represent an area extensively supported by the Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art.

With a view to generating additional value beyond the financial support of an artistic project, in April 2004 the Foundation set up a process to provide expertise and other non-financial support to inexperienced young artists who display interesting potential. The Foundation is equally interested in projects from more established artists who are at a defining turning point in their artistic development. This means that the Foundation may provide support for the first or second production of a young dance troupe just as well as for research into experimental theatre forms by experienced theatrical artists, with the main focus always on fostering exchange and collaboration between artists active in other fields, such as the visual arts and music.

The Foundation provides financial support as a one-off contribution and selects projects on the basis of dossiers. To evaluate the projects, the Foundation retains the right to gather important information beyond the materials initially provided in the application.

The Foundation DOES NOT consider:

  • projects by established artists
  • productions of amateur performances
  • projects realized in an academic context
  • repeat performances
  • tours in Switzerland and/or abroad
  • projects created abroad
  • workshops