bunq'inn - espace d'expositions et librairie

bunq'inn - librairie & espace d'exposition | 2019

bunq'inn, Nyon - http://www.facebook.com/bunqinn

2019 Exhibition program

Rheum Room | 23.09.18 - 31.12.19

Rheum Room, Basel - http://www.rheumroom.institute

Providing long-term support for exhibition spaces in Switzerland

The Foundation redesigns its support policy every three years based on a careful evaluation of the needs of a continually evolving art world and a critical analysis of its own work in order to verify its relevance.

Faced with a dramatic increase in demand for support for exhibition projects, often of a very high artistic standard, as well as with the impossibility of making coherent and transparent choices, in late 2010 the Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art decided – with effect from January 2011 – to focus its support in the realm of the visual arts in the form of two-year renewable partnerships. Partnerships are arranged only on the initiative of the Foundation. Applications will not be considered.

Through this long-term approach, the Foundation aims to support the work of exhibition spaces and museums which actively promote contemporary art. The Foundation is particularly interested in the work of venues outside traditional hubs.

These public spaces share a commitment to contemporary art and a capacity to offer innovative mediation concepts and discover emerging talent.

The exhibition spaces and museums that are currently benefiting or have previously benefited from these partnerships can be found in the ‘Partnerships’ section of this website.

  • The Foundation does not accept applications in the domain of the visual arts.