Evaluating, accompanying, viewing each project to recognize its potential

Selection process

Projects are selected throughout the year in conjunction with the dates of the projects. Applications are examined by the members of the Board, who may call on other specialists, if necessary. Applications are evaluated collectively.

To ensure an objective and well informed evaluation, the Foundation may ask for more information or complementary documents and may set up meetings.

Notifying applicants of decisions

Decisions are transmitted in writing as soon as possible, but at the latest one month before the event.

Adding value to the supported projects

By providing financial support for new art works – together with other contributors – the Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art enables projects to be realized. An ‘alternative way’ of supporting projects, and one that is of great importance to the Foundation, is by increasing opportunities to present projects to audiences and raising awareness about them by providing all relevant information to the public.

All projects are shown in chronological order in the ‘Visual Arts’, ‘Music’ and ‘Performing Arts’ gallery sections.

Viewing the projects

Discovering a project on stage, in a concert hall or an exhibition space is always an emotional moment. The Foundation attends the presentation of the supported projects to the greatest extent possible.

Payment of funding

Funds are deposited one month prior to the performance and after receipt of the printed matter.

Evaluation of projects presented

The Foundation requires that the beneficiaries of funding provide a written report of the finished project and the ensuing results, together with a final budget reconciliation.