Creating transparency by openly stating our values

Efficient achievement of the Foundation?s goal

The Fondation Nestl? pour l?Art is a non-profit, tax-exempted foundation. It strives to participate effectively and with the financial resources at its disposal in the support of innovative projects while taking full responsibility for the risk inherent in every artistic creation. For its activities and decisions the foundation relies on the rules of Best Practice and respects the basis and the recommendations of the Swiss Foundation Code.

A donor and administrator Foundation

The bodies of the Fondation Nestl? pour l?Art adhere to the rules of good governance applicable to the Foundations: a professional structure, efficient use of financial resources, permanent support, conformity and integrity, anticipation of any conflict of interest, separation of powers. The objective is an efficient realization of the Foundation?s goal.

Member of SwissFoundations

The Fondation Nestl? pour l?Art is a member of SwissFoundations, an association of donor foundations committed through numerous activities to promoting Switzerland as a host site for the foundations and to helping the philanthropic spirit evolve within Swiss society.

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